Industrial/Commercial Tornado Shelters

Commercial and Industrial Safety is a growing segment of our business. Our shelters are becoming an integral part of the safety plan for many industrial and public works sites. In addition to safety for employees, the shelters also provide increased profits. Shelters placed in work areas reduce downtime.

Industrial and Commercial Safety

Production facilities can realize significant increases in profits by reducing downtime during severe weather events.

When a warning is issued in many facilities all employees gather in a “safe area,” stopping production for hours. In some facilities this may require shutdown of boilers and other equipment that requires constant monitoring, resulting in longer downtime.

By placing saferooms throughout the facility, employees remain on the job until the safety officer for their area makes the call to take cover when severe weather is impending. Having the saferoom nearby, lost time is greatly reduced vs. gathering in a common area.

Reduction in downtime will pay for the saferooms very quickly, increasing production and profits for many years to come.

Providing shelter for employees increases loyalty, as they see their employer providing safety from storms. This is also a competitive advantage when recruiting new staff members.

Last, but certainly not least, the saferooms provide quick refuge from armed intruders in your facility.

The Best Investment and Value

MightySafe Shelters make sense for many reasons over other types of shelters. Here are just a few facts to consider when you are choosing how to best protect your most valuable assets:

  • Saferooms provide safe refuge inside your home or business. You never have to venture out into the storm for protection.
  • Unlike most purchases, a saferoom will never wear out, depreciate, or require maintenance.
  • Installing a saferoom in your home not only provides peace of mind, it also improves the resale value
  • Portable – your MightySafe saferoom can be moved to your next home or business.
  • Secure storage of valuable and irreplaceable items
  • New construction installations can be virtually undetectable.
  • Many insurance policies offer a discount for an in-home "safe."
  • Texas Tech certification – MightySafe passed all debris impact test and performed better than many other brands.
  • MightySafe saferooms exceed all FEMA requirements
  • More efficient use of space – 2-inch thick walls vs. 8-inch or more for concrete and masonry types.

The Easiest Installation

Installation of most saferooms takes less than two hours. Compare this to several days to build a concrete room onsite, if the contractors and the weather cooperate!

Builders appreciate prefabricated saferooms on their jobs for many reasons.

  • Installation takes 2 hours or less vs. days for other types of shelters. Our units are completely prefabricated and arrive ready to use immediately.
  • The saferoom provides secure storage of contractor's equipment while construction is taking place.
  • MightySafe saferooms are always square and constructed to exact dimensions. We will work with your architect and builder to provide maximum protection with minimal loss of space.
  • MightySafe can build a saferoom to fit most any size, height or design requirement, including staircase units. Utilize that space in a useful way
  • All MightySafe shelters are anchored by HILTI Anchoring Systems.