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Engineered In-Home Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms

MightySafe Shelters is founded on one steadfast principle – build the safest shelter on the market today. Attention to detail is one of our priorities. We look at the little things others overlook.

  • Exceed all FEMA requirements by significant margins. The ventilation system is 50% larger than required by FEMA.
  • Utilize stronger components than other manufacturers. All corners are solid steel, not welded panels.
  • Ongoing quality control insures structural integrity. We inspect every unit at each stage of assembly.
  • We utilize the highest quality metals and welding materials. High Strength steel plate produced by Nucor.
  • Invest in testing and research to quantify safety and security. Texas Tech Debris Impact testing proves our claims!
  • Product Liability Coverage MightySafe provides a $1,000,000 product liability policy on all our shelters. Most competitors don’t have any! These are just a few of the reasons why MightySafe should be protecting your family!
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Engineered, Not Designed

Shelters for Existing Homes, engineered to be accessible at a moments notice.

  • Maximum protection with minimal space intrusion.
  • Garage or carport installations are popular for most existing homes.
  • Complete installation in under one hour.
  • Outdoor installation options for homes without a concrete slab.

Shelters for New Construction and Remodel Projects can be engineered to be undetectable.

  • Providing protection from severe weather events.
  • Safe refuge from home intrusion.
  • Secure storage of valuables, firearms and irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment.
  • Options for electronic locking, backup power and air filtration.

The Best Investment and Value

MightySafe Shelters make sense for many reasons over other types of shelters. Here are just a few facts to consider when you are choosing how to best protect your most valuable assets:

  • Saferooms provide safe refuge inside your home or business. You never have to venture out into the storm for protection.
  • Unlike most purchases, a saferoom will never wear out, depreciate, or require maintenance.
  • Installing a saferoom in your home not only provides peace of mind, it also improves the resale value
  • Portable – your MightySafe saferoom can be moved to your next home or business.
  • Secure storage of valuable and irreplaceable items
  • New construction installations can be virtually undetectable.
  • Many insurance policies offer a discount for an in-home "safe."
  • Texas Tech certification – MightySafe passed all debris impact test and performed better than many other brands.
  • MightySafe saferooms exceed all FEMA requirements
  • More efficient use of space – 2-inch thick walls vs. 8-inch or more for concrete and masonry types.

The Easiest Installation

Installation of most saferooms now takes less than two hours. Compare this to several days to build a concrete room onsite, if the contractors and the weather cooperate!

Builders appreciate prefabricated saferooms on their jobs for many reasons.

  • Installation takes 2 hours or less vs. days for other types of shelters. Our units are completely prefabricated and arrive ready to use immediately.
  • The saferoom provides secure storage of contractor's equipment while construction is taking place.
  • MightySafe saferooms are always square and constructed to exact dimensions. We will work with your architect and builder to provide maximum protection with minimal loss of space.
  • MightySafe can build a saferoom to fit most any size, height or design requirement, including staircase units. Utilize that space in a useful way
  • All MightySafe shelters are anchored by HILTI Anchoring Systems.