The MightySafe Storm Shelter Provides Protection for Arkansas Residents

Arkansas residents and business owners can provide immediate shelter from severe weather to family members, customers and employers with the amazing life-saving MightySafe Storm Shelter. Tornado Shelter Systems is proud to provide this above-ground shelter built to FEMA standards which can be quickly installed in new or existing homes and buildings. Preparation is the key to providing real protection from tornados and severe weather. The MightySafe stands ready.

Engineered to Protect

>MightySafe Storm Shelter

MightySafe was engineered with safety as the top priority and goes the extra mile to ensure protection. Using structural components of the highest quality by Nucor, our MightySafe is twice as safe as most traditional shelters. All corners are solid steel instead of welded panels. We’ve taken care to exceed FEMA requirements to provide ultimate safety. That’s why our ventilation system is 50 % more than standard requirements. The MightySafe passed the rigorous testing at Texas Wind Institute to be certified to withstand the fiercest tornadoes, hail and straight winds. It can protect your valuables and your loved ones.

Quick Easy Installation

The MightySafe comes ready to drop off and install in your new or existing home. In new construction, the MightySafe can be built in so that it appears virtually hidden in any room—even under staircases. The MightySafe can even be used by the builder to store tools and materials during construction.  In existing structures, The MightySafe can be installed in garages, carports or anywhere accessible. This incredible safe room is anchored by the Hilti Anchoring System. This shelter is delivered and installed in often less than an hour and stands ready to protect.

A Great Investment and Value

Of course, the most important investment is for the protection of your family’s lives. They will never have to venture out in the storm. It will never wear out, depreciate in value or require maintenance. Not only will you have peace of mind, but it could add to the resale value of your home. You can have it moved to a new location if you want. The MightySafe also provides safety for your important papers and valuables such as guns and jewelry. Most insurance companies offer a discount for an in-home “safe.”

Tornado Shelter Systems would be honored to install a MightySafe in your home to keep you and your family safe. Contact us today.