Engineers solutions

At Hilti, each engineer oversees certain territories, is responsible for a trade and a division. The divisions include structural and non-structural, and the trades include building and construction, mechanical and electrical, interior finishing, and steel and metal. 

The responsibilities include providing technical support for Hilti products including product demonstrations, designing solutions, creating bill of materials, providing estimations drawings and submittals for all Hilti engineering products. 

Additionally, Hilti engineers work on developing strong relationships with the technical decision makers at customers’ offices and jobsites, to assure a high degree of success in achieving favorable Hilti product specification within the assigned segment. 

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Moreover, engineers supply technical support for Hilti customers through training and seminars to consultants, contractors and influencers.

Our engineers at Hilti are the foundation of everything we do. Not only do we rely on their proficiency work on designs using our products, we also depend on their expertise to find ways to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

Engineering is a creative design enterprise that requires intense creativity, and incredible hard work. Through their expert support, they help customers achieve their visions daily.