Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds, The Ideal Storm Shelter for the Mobility Challenged in Arkansas

Ideal shelter for the mobility challenged

Think how hard it is for Arkansas residents with limited mobility to seek protection from tornados and other severe weather.  People who depend on wheelchairs, power scooters, canes or walkers cannot access an underground or outdoor shelter. Included are those with serious health issues or who are simple aging. Accessible shelters are very limited. That’s why the new innovative Life Lift Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, is a life-saving solution for those with limited mobility. The shelter, built to FEMA standards, is quickly accessible inside the private home of the person with mobility issues. There are no stairs, steps, or ladders to attempt to overcome. It is close at hand in the bedroom, under a bed—ready to protect from EF5 tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and even home invasions. The Full Three Stage Protection, with its power lift, can even act as a hi-lo application for transferring from bed to wheelchair when it is not acting as a simple bed or storm shelter.

Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds

A Funny Tornado Story (told by A Life Lift Systems team member)

My mother was at home caring for both my dad, weakened from terminal cancer, and my grandmother, who suffered from severe dementia.  When the tornado sirens blared, my mom realized she had to quickly get her two vulnerable loved ones to the safest place in the house—the bathroom. My grandmother was deathly afraid of storms, so Mom came up with a plan. She would not tell her confused mother they were in the path of an approaching tornado. She helped my dad sit in the bathtub on a chair and pulled the shower curtain shut so my grandmother wouldn’t see him. She proceeded to help my grandmother on the toilet like it was normal potty time. Suddenly, my dad sneezed! My grandmother began screaming that there was a man in the shower! Lucky for all of them, the tornado did not come their way, after all.

Severe Weather is Serious

There are other funny severe weather stories, but tornadoes, straight winds and hurricanes are not funny. They can be deadly. Getting those with mobility challenges to a safe place can be dangerous. Those caught in the deadliest storms are often the elderly, children and babies and those with mobility issues who cannot access safety quickly enough. That’s why Tornado Shelter Systems is so honored to be able to offer this life-saving, convenient and totally accessible ADA approved shelter which will protect from the most dangerous weather events. You can count on protection from 250 MPH winds from EF5 tornadoes, hurricanes or straight winds which can wipe structures to the slab unless they are bolted into the concrete. The Vortex Vault Shelter Beds can also provide protection from earthquakes. Entire cars have been dropped onto our shelters and it has withstood crush values up to 60,000 lbs.

Arkansas residents with and without mobility challenges can rest assured in the multi-purpose protection our Life Lift Shelter Beds offer.

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