Welcome to the life lift team

Welcome to the Life Lift Systems Team

Welcome to the life lift team

Life Lift Systems, maker of the new innovative Vortex Vault Tornado Shelter Bed, which was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, would like to welcome Tornado Shelter Systems as our premier dealer in the state of Arkansas. Life Lift Systems and Tornado Shelter Systems in Arkansas both are committed to the same mission– to provide life-saving protection to individuals and families. We look forward to a great partnership for years to come so, together, we can provide real protection for our Arkansas neighbors in the event of EF5 tornados, hurricane-type winds up to 250 MPH, earthquakes and home invasions. These new easily accessible shelters are FEMA tested and certified by the Texas Wind Institute.

Tornado Shelter Systems offers this multi-purpose storm shelter that fits under your bed, out of sight until needed. This innovative Under Bed Shelter can fit under your Twin, Full, Queen, or King-size bed right in your bedroom under your own mattress and bedding. Choose from three available models which are anchored to a cement slab according to FEMA regulations under whichever size bed you choose.

The push of a button raises up to make a full-size storm shelter can withstand 60,000 pounds of crush impact (equivalent to a loaded cement truck being dropped on it). This is an excellent choice for the elderly, anyone in a wheelchair, children and pets who would struggle going downstairs underground. The Three Stage model is ready in 60 seconds for easy access, has a battery back-up power in case of an outage, ventilation, and a USB port so you can stay connected during any threat.

Tornado Shelter Systems is proud to keep you and your family safe with the new Life Lift Bed which can protect your precious loved ones from tornados, earthquakes, home invasions and even act as a safe room for your valuables. It is completely hidden under your bed until needed in a moment’s notice. Also ask about our MightySafe Storm Shelter. Life Lift Systems welcomes Tornado Shelter Systems as you protect families from danger in Arkansas.